Quantity: 64 Coanda Screens are retrofitted for efficient water intake.

Application: Coanda Screens are installed to filter water to create drinking water and they have a custom design that is specially designed for the project application and installation area.


The use of the Coanda water intake screen for the water intake systems is one of the research carried out in the subject of improving the water intake systems in Turkey’s Trabzon region. For the first time in this region, the Coanda effect screen was applied.

Coanda Screen

The common filter mechanisms employed in the intake of drinking water become clogged over time, reducing the water intake efficiency. Unlike the common products, Coanda Intake Screen provides effective water filtration without power requirement. Coanda Screen can be applied for different applications for efficient filtration.

TISKI Coanda

As ADENCO, the engineering team started negotiations with TİSKİ to make this design. For the design process, the team told the customer every detail about the Coanda screen. In this way, the team ensured that the customer would not have any questions in mind.

ADENCO engineering team advised the customers that they might contact us at any time if they had any questions regarding any issue.  Following the discussions, ADENCO Coanda engineers began to inspect the region.

After inspecting the area, ADENCO engineers found a number of issues, including the problems that would be encountered and the solutions that would be needed. Then, ADENCO engineering team generated a feasibility report.

ADENCO engineering team came up with the most appropriate Coanda water intake screen based on the customer’s request and area conditions from the feasibility report.  Following that, the customer sought another meeting and inquired about the design. ADENCO Coanda engineers provided knowledge on how to identify a solution, how to proceed the design process, and what to look out for.  ADENCO Coanda engineers provided the client with all of the pertinent information on the feasibility and project.

Design And Application

After the feasibility report, the engineering team began the design process. It was necessary to create a unique design for the region. Furthermore, the Coanda screen had to be manufactured in a way that best met the customer’s expectations. After a short period of time, ADENCO Coanda engineers devised the most appropriate Coanda water intake screen for the region. The fact that the design was completed in a short amount of time and in the most appropriate way.

As a result, the engineering team was able to immediately go into production and develop the Coanda screen. The team completed the desired Coanda screen faster than the customer anticipated. When the customer saw the finished and ready-to-install Coanda display, they were pleased.

Then, the assembly was completed without disrupting the environment. Twenty-two Coanda Screens were installed in the first stage. Then forty-four Coanda Screens were installed in the second stage. A total of 64 old water intake structures have been replaced with Coanda Water intake screens, which are innovative and particularly designed. This total investment of TISKI for the drinking water project was around 480.000 dollars.

Coanda Screen Application Video

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