How Does It Work?

Flowing media have the property of sticking to flat or convex surfaces according to the Coanda effect. Example of flowing water on a spoon: If you hold a spoon in a stream of water, the water follows its curved surface and leaves it in a different direction than it came. You can feel the associated force that pulls the spoon into the jet of water. Our Coanda screens work on the same principle.


ADENCO is a manufacturer of Coanda Intake Screen for projects with a skilled and experienced engineering team. We are able to manufacture a project-specific Coanda Screen to satisfy your requirements. Our main objective is to give the best service for the utilization of the Coanda Screen for your application.

Our Services

  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Installation Support
  • Retrofitting Structures
  • Technical Support
  • Coanda Engineering
  • Troubleshooting  

Coanda Screen Application Video