Drinking Water

Due to its superior filtration and self-cleaning ability, the Coanda screen is widely utilized in the industry. By filtering the water to perfection, it ensures that it is safe for human consumption.

Particles and sludge make the water dirty all of the time. To purify the water, these particles must be filtered. Filtration should be done to prevent even the tiniest particles from getting into the drinking water. Even the tiniest particles are easily separated from the water by the Coanda screen. Furthermore, because of the self cleaning mechanism of the Coanda screen, particles will not accumulate on its surface, ensuring that the filtered water is constantly clean.


Our Coanda Screen can be integrated into your drinking water applications with different advantages.

The main advantages of the Coanda Screen can be listed as;

  • Provides uniform and continuous clean water
  • No-moving parts and no power requirements
  • Prevents sediments from the system and gathers clean water
  • Self-cleaning and negligible maintenance
  • High intake performance and long service life
Coanda Effect Filter Screen
Coanda Screen Water Treatment
Coanda Filter Screen
Coanda Filtering Screen
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