Coanda Intake Screen is preferred for agricultural application for example to feed plants with clean water. Coanda Water Screen prevent sediment, sticks, soil from the water channel. Thus, gives a significant solution for agricultural applications where clean water is required. In agriculture, the Coanda box screen is also used for portable filtration.


Our Coanda Screen can be integrated into your agricultural applications with different advantages.

The main advantages of the Coanda Screen can be listed as;

  • Provides uniform and continous clean water
  • No-moving parts and no power requirements
  • Prevent sediment, soil, stick from the channel, system
  • Self-cleaning and negligible maintenance
Agricultural Coanda Screen-min
Coanda Effect Screen
Coanda Effect Screen Agricultural
Coanda Hydro Screen Filter
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Application Videos

Coanda Screen Agricultural Applications 3
Coanda Screens for Agriculture Applications 2
Coanda Screens for Agriculture Applications
Coanda Screen for Agriculture Applications
Coanda Screen Agricultural Application
Coanda Water Intake Screen – Agriculture Application