ADENCO is Coanda Intake Screen manufacturer that creates customized solutions with the their engineering team. ADENCO is keen on helping you with your project by providing Coanda Screens or technical consultancy with our experience. ADENCO's main objective is to give the best offer and to provide Water Screens to the customers. Whether you know it or not, ADENCO is ready to provide technical consultation with cost-effective and high-performance Coanda Screens.

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The working principle of the Coanda Intake Screens is dependent on the Coanda phenomenon. Its V-shaped special profiles help water to flow through gaps between the profiles.  In this way, gaps and angles between the V profiles prevent debris or unwanted materials to go through while allowing clean water to flow. For more information: Coanda Screen or Contact Us.

The most commob applications of Coanda Screens are intaking clean water to produce electricity. For example, Coanda Intake screens prevent turbine blades from harmful materials and they clean the water in hydroelectric plants.

They are used in agricultural applications, sewage treatment, dewatering and more applications. For more information: Applications or Contact Us.

We are capable of manufacturing using Stainless Steel 304, 304L,  304HC, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321. It also depends on your request for the different types of material.

For the Coanda Screen, stainless steel is the most common material. In addition, we are able to manufacture using different kinds of materials and grades depending on your request. Also, special surface treatments are available for your application of a cylindrical filter screen. For more information: Coanda Screen or Contact Us

Tilt angle is the specific angle between surfaces of each V-profiles. Since the angles create a gap to intake water, it directly affects the capacity of the flow and particle sizes to be prevented.  This angle creates shearing offsets into the flow above the screen and this provides high filtration and smooth intake for the Coanda Intake Screen. Most common tilt angles are between 3° – 5° which affects the capacity and maximum allowed particle size for the filtration. For more information: Coanda Screen or Contact Us

  • The Coanda screen slope and length are crucial. The rate at which fluid and other particles flow down is affected by the slope.
  • The Coanda screen slot apertures, the pitch of the V-shaped wires, and the wire width are curial factors. The Coanda screen's filtering sensitivity is depends of these factors. For more information: Coanda Screen or Contact Us

The areas where Coanda screens are used is expanding day by day. They are currently widely employed in hydropower plants, drinking water supply, water treatment, agriculture, and other applications. For more information: Coanda Screen or Contact Us

The Coanda screen provides you with superior filtering. Coanda Screen has no moving parts and it is self-cleaning. Therefore, it requires almost no maintenance and has a long operating life. The fact that it is environmentally friendly and that it does not consume any power is a benefit of the Coanda Screen. For more information: Coanda Screen or Contact Us

Our pricing is competitive and cheaper than every other company we know. In fact, we are able to respond to your inquiry and give an offer as soon as possible (mostly in 1-2 days) .If you have concerns about the price, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information: Coanda Screen or Contact Us