The most popular and effective way for the Coanda Intake Screen, also called hydropower screen, is using it for the Hydroelectric Plants – Hydropower energy. Coanda Water Screen prevents harmful materials, sediment in the intake process, and provides clean water. Thus, turbine blades in hydropower plants can operate for longer without being damaged. Thus, the Coanda Intake Screen operates long years with negligible maintenance and with no moving parts.

Our Approach

We are able to improve your electric generation efficiency with our high capacity Coanda Intake Screen. Our Coanda Water Screen can be implemented in micro to large capacity hydropower plants with specialised designs that increase intake performance for the electric generation.


Main advantages of ADENCO’s Coanda Intake Screen in hydropower plants:

  • Sustainable energy production and increased output efficiency
  • Self- cleaning and no power requirement
  • Increased income with continuous water intake
  • Durable protection bars and negligible maintenance
  • Specialised design for high water intaking performance
  • Protection of turbine blades from abrasion, sediment and debris

Coanda Screen Design

Coanda Screen Assembly

Also, you can have a look at our Coanda Hydro Screen flyer: