The most popular and effective way for the Coanda Intake Screen, also called hydropower screen, is using for the Hydroelectric Plants – Hydropower energy. Coanda Water Screen prevents harmful materials, sediment in the intaking process, and provides clean water. Thus, turbine blades in hydropower plants can operate for long years without damage.

Drinking Water

Coanda Screen filters particles like mud, branches, and stones from dirty water, allowing water to be cleaned. n this way, while the garbage slides down from the surface of the Coanda screen, the water will pass over the surface of the screen and will be filtered.

Water Treatment

Coanda Screen provides effective filtration to supply clean water. With the precise design, Coanda Water Screen prevent contaminants, debris materials that give an effective filtration solution for the drinking water.Such as:

  •  Waste Water Treatment
  • Dewatering
  • Sewage Treatment


Coanda Intake Screen is preferred for agricultural application for example to feed plants with clean water. Coanda Water Screen prevent sediment, sticks, soil from the water channel. Thus, gives a significant solution for agricultural applications where clean water is required. In agriculture, the Coanda box screen is also used for portable filtration.

Snowmaking Machines

Coanda Filter Screen can be used in different applications with effective filtration performance. Snowmaking machines are used for making snow mostly in ski resorts or in similar places. Snowmaking machines require water to convert it to the snow from the reservoirs or water channels.