ADENCO is a manufacturer of Coanda Intake Screen for projects with a skilled and experienced engineering team. We are able to manufacture a project-specific Coanda Screen to satisfy your requirements.  Our main objective is to give the best service for the utilization of the Coanda Screen for your application.

About Us

With our professional Coanda Screen engineers, our team is capable of creating innovative and customized Coanda Screen solutions for your projects with consultancy, troubleshooting, technical support, manufacturing or retrofitting where necessary.

We have a lot of experience with Coanda Screen in different applications such as hydroelectric, agriculture, drinking water, cold weather. In addition, we have a patent-pending solution for heavy cold conditions.

Custom Coanda Screen

Yes! You don’t have to know every technical detail about Coanda Screen to send an inquiry. Our engineers are capable to give the best solution for your project needs. We are here to create the most effective solution for you with general information about the project such as the flow rate, project scheme and application.

Coanda Water Intake

Our Services

  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Installation Support  
  • Retrofitting Structures
  • Technical Support
  • Engineering with Coanda Engineers
  • Troubleshooting